Application / Maintenance

Determination of the body height and the sitting height of children and adolescents, with indication of the nominal value,
taking into account the "Frankfurt line".

  • Our devices can be made readable either from the left side or from the right side,
    thus taking into account the location of the device.

Below, you can see some details concerning the handling:

Lateral view of the top plate with red
labelling for reading the actual value/
improved possibility of reading for patients
with tall or short stature, each time ± 20 cm
Detail view
Height displacement of the top plate
using the brake levers
(releasing the brake by pressing the levers together)

Measurement of the sitting height according to MARTIN
Measurement of the sitting height according to MARTIN
using the calibratable special stool,
height 60 cm
screening panel
Direct reading of the proportionality of the body
by means of the screening panel
(nominal values according to TANNER)

  • Maintenance information

In order to maintain the colour intensity (serigraphy of the nominal values on the screen) we recommend the application of OCTENISEPT® (aqueous solution for disinfection). We do not accept any liability for the use of high-percentage disinfectants.

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