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- Health means growth -

Each growth disturbance that is caused by genetic, hormonal, psychosomal and environmental factors may be an alarm signal indicating a disorder already in childhood. For this reason it is absolutely essential to obtain information on the growth process exactly and fast in order to make a diagnosis.

Our goal is the preventive support of this high humanitarian standard. For this reason, together with professor Dr. E. Keller of the paediatric hospital of Leipzig we have developed as well a stadiometer as an infantometer, and since 1994 we are producing these devices with positive feedback. By means of these durable precision measuring devices for the identification and nominal/actual value comparison (threshold range 3.-50.-97. percentiles) promising therapies are possible due to fast analyses of growth proportions.

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Stadiometer Dr. Keller ITechnical dataApplication / maintenanceAssembly Further detailed specialist information for
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Stadiometer Dr. Keller IITechnical dataApplication / maintenance
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