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We carry out factory calibrations on the basis of the valid VDI / VDE / DGQ guidelines 2618.

This is to inform our customers of a temporary suspension in terms of our TÜV-certification, which has been granted to our company over many years (between 1994 and 2018). As a manufacturer of precision measuring equipment naturally we feel committed to given DIN standards. Of course the required quality management manual continues to apply to our internal processes. Needless to say that all necessary controls which are required for our production portfolio are done by certified calibration laboratories and hence following strict national standards. As before said this is the only way to guarantee the consistently high quality of our products and therefore called top priority. 

Significant changes within the international and domestic customer markets towards the requirements for such laboratories (here: DAkkS calibration laboratory) during the last few years have changed even our approach. After careful consideration we will discontinue to apply for further accreditation. Being proud of providing this in house solution for about 15 years we shall consider this chapter as closed with immediate effect.


Manufacturer’s Calibration

of steel gauge blocks

Employee at measuring station

  • We will be pleased to make you a separate offer for the calibration of cemented carbide/ ceramics gauge blocks.
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